Agencies, Agents & TPAs

Rector & Associates has extensive experience with specific issues affecting insurance agencies, agents, and TPAs and can assist these business concerns with regulatory compliance issues in all 50 states.

Agency / Agent licensing and regulatory services

When insurance agencies and agents are faced with licensing and other regulatory problems, Rector & Associates can help find solutions, including:

  • Acting as a liaison to any department of insurance
  • Applying for licenses for the agency and its agents in all 50 states
  • Evaluating fund transfers and commingling issues involving agencies, insurers, and clients
  • Performing market conduct and operational reviews of an agency’s operations

Broker Compensation Services

Rector & Associates can assist with bonus compensation programs and regulatory issues relating to those programs, including:

  • Evaluating broker compensation programs from both a regulatory and business standpoint
  • Helping develop appropriate broker compensation disclosures for insureds

Title Agency and Agent Services

Rector & Associates has helped many business concerns that are active in the title insurance industry resolve complex problems facing the title industry, including:

  • Analyzing joint ventures and other arrangements between title companies or agencies and settlement service providers under insurance and RESPA regulations
  • Assisting with forming and licensing affiliated business arrangements and with related compliance matters
  • Evaluating agent and agency licensing needs for staff at companies active in the title industry based on activities performed by staff

TPA Services

Rector & Associates can assist third party administrators with regulatory compliance matters in all 50 states, including:

  • Obtaining TPA licenses in any state
  • Assisting with both regulatory and business concerns with ASO agreements
  • Resolving fund transfers and commingling issues involving TPAs and clients

Insurance Regulators

We can assist insurance regulators with any type of insurance regulatory issue in all sectors of the insurance industry.

Insurance Companies

We are skilled at helping insurance companies and other business concerns navigate the regulatory system in any state and at the federal level.

Litigation Support

Our consultants are experienced at assisting insurance companies, regulators and policyholders inside and outside the courtroom.

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