Litigation Support Services

Rector & Associates’ consultants are experienced at assisting insurance companies, regulators (including insurance receivers and liquidators) and policyholders inside and outside the courtroom. Their skills have been honed in cases running the gamut of insurance-related situations, such as failed business transactions, breach of contract, demutualization/conversion bad faith issues, fraudulent claims, agent compensation disputes, premium issues and claims payment disputes.

Whether our client is the plaintiff or the defense, Rector & Associates can provide litigation consulting support services before and after a suit is filed, including the following:

  • Helping to determine the basis for claims and the parties against whom to bring claims
  • Assessing the basis for claims and determining the defendant’s responsibility
  • Participating in strategy development for our client

Rector & Associates’ consultants also can provide expert opinion services, including the following:

  • Testifying in court
  • Preparing expert witness reports
  • Giving expert deposition

Insurance Regulators

We can assist insurance regulators with any type of insurance regulatory issue in all sectors of the insurance industry.

Insurance Companies

We are skilled at helping insurance companies and other business concerns navigate the regulatory system in any state and at the federal level.

Agencies, Agents & TPAs

We have extensive experience with specific issues affecting insurance agencies, agents, and TPAs and can assist these business concerns with regulatory compliance issues.

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